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Plush Paula - Button Eyes, Metal Bones by PantaroParatroopa Plush Paula - Button Eyes, Metal Bones by PantaroParatroopa
The world of Storm Warning has a number of supervillains living in it, not in Siren City but in Herculopolis. She's one of them.

Name: Paula Ashaa
Alias: Plush Paula
Species: Robot
Age: 5

Weapon of Choice: Her robotic plushie minions
Secondary Weapon of Choice: Her left-hand man's firebreath
Tertiary Weapon of Choice: Her right hand

Profession: Supervillain, formerly Industrial Robot Worker at a toy factory

Relations: Captain Atlantis (nemesis), Vee Gratulits (enemy)

Abilities: Stuffed Toy Production, Extremely High Dexterity, Fireproof, Weapon Production

Likes: Plushies, Puns, Fellow Supervillains, Citizens cowering in fear, Money,
Dislikes: Superheroes, Her metal body (not counting her hands), her former employers

Originally just a mindless machine that made stuffed animals all day long, when she had sentience installed, she continued her work at the Herculopolis toy factory, extremely glad of her work. So glad she wanted to be like her work, so in secret she worked on the body you mostly see above. When this was found out, she was fired. She wanted revenge on her former employers, and she turned to a life of villainy. Somewhere down the line her left hand got broken beyond repair, and so she sewed the head of a dragon plushie over it and equipped her new friend with real firebreath.

In Storm Warning 2, she's one of the two antagonists who threaten the city of Herculopolis. One villain inspired by Batman's rogue's gallery, the other inspired by Superman's rogue's gallery. Both of them have a new weapon and want 50,000,000 bucks or else they unleash it on the city. With her campy gimmick, harsh backstory, and ability to be super serious at times, she represents the Batman side of things.

Her right hand is made of very thin metal needles which have no outlines, so they're hard to see against dA's light green background. For a better view, hit "download"
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